Essays on the historical, psychological and social aspects of religious thought

What Is Religion?

Religion: from Latin religare "to bind fast, place an obligation on, bond between humans and gods"

Scientific studies in religion examine these key areas:

  1. history (what are the sources of and influences on religious texts and how did religious organizations evolve?)
  2. psychology (how is religious belief conditioned and what are the neural bases of religious thought?)
  3. sociology (what are the relationships between religious social structures and the societies in which they reside?)

Below you will find Rational Realm essays of two types.

General Essays:
Short popular essays of a more general nature requiring no specialist knowledge
Specialist Essays:
Comprehensive referenced research papers on specialist subjects requiring a working familiarity with the subject

Rational Realm welcomes essay contributions for publication on our site. Please review our submission guidelines and contact us.

Specialist Essays

  • The Gospel of Mark as Theological Allegory

    A number of unorthodox scholars in recent years have argued persuasively that the Gospel of Mark is best understood as a theological allegory. Jonathan Rutherford explores the meaning of Mark's allegory by attending to the three central elements found in Mark's narrative.

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