Essays on the structure, function and evolution of living organisms

What Is Biology?

Biology: from Greek bios "life"

The science of biology includes studies in these core areas:

  1. molecular biology (how does DNA code for protein production and what role does RNA play?)
  2. cellular biology (how do cells divide and how do pathogens destroy cell function?)
  3. physiology (how is homeostasis maintained and how do organisms grow and develop?)
  4. evolutionary biology (what role do genes play in inheritance and how do evolutionary forces shape behaviour?)

Below you will find Rational Realm essays of two types.

General Essays:
Short popular essays of a more general nature requiring no specialist knowledge
Specialist Essays:
Comprehensive referenced research papers on specialist subjects requiring a working familiarity with the subject

Rational Realm welcomes essay contributions for publication on our site. Please review our submission guidelines and contact us.

General Essays

  • Evolutionary Psychology: A Review

    Evolutionary Psychology is a highly controversial approach synthesizing the twin disciplines of cognitive psychology and evolutionary biology. Leslie Allan takes the reader through an overview of its key theoretical underpinnings, research methods and experimental successes. He concludes with a look at the major criticisms levelled against its proponents and the dominant challenges evolutionary psychologists face for the future.

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