Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about using the Rational Realm web site


How do I contact the web site owner?

For any questions or requests, please use our contact form.

How do I subscribe to your newsletter?

Simply complete our online newsletter subscription form. To verify your subscription, click on the confirmation link contained in the email we sent to you.

How do I unsubscribe from your newsletter?

Use our contact form to let us know that you want to be removed from our subscription list.

Why do I have to click on the link in the newsletter subscription confirmation email?

This double-opt in process ensures that you do not receive spam email because someone other than you entered your email address on the email subscription form. The double-opt in process verifies that it was you that subscribed to the Rational Realm newsletter.

How do I connect with Rational Realm on Twitter?

Sign in to your Twitter account using your user name and password. Then visit the Rational Realm Twitter page and click on the Follow button. By following Rational Realm, you will receive the latest news and views.

How do I connect with Rational Realm on Facebook?

Log in to your Facebook account using your user name and password. Then visit the Rational Realm Facebook fan page and click on the Add to My Page's Favorites link. By following Rational Realm, you will receive the latest news and views.

How do I connect with Rational Realm on Google Plus?

Sign in to your Google Plus account using your user name and password. Visit the Rational Realm Google Plus page and click the Follow button to start following us.


Contributing and Using Content

How do I submit content for publication on Rational Realm?

We welcome submissions for publication on Rational Realm. You may submit for consideration an essay, a book or journal article review, or a news item or personal reflection on any of the eight subject areas featured on Rational Realm.

Your submitted essay, review or reflection must be your own work and, preferably, not have been published elsewhere on the web. If it has been published previously in a printed journal or magazine, you must have permission for it to be republished on

If we accept your submission, you will need to supply us an abstract of your submission, a digital photo of yourself and a biography. Please read our full submission guidelines before you submit your proposal for consideration.

Essays and book/journal article reviews published on conform to the Australasian Journal of Philosophy (AJP) style guidelines. Once we accept your initial submission, you will be required to edit your piece in conformity with the AJP standards or you can request a Rational Realm editor to edit your piece for you (nominal fee applies). Please read our style guidelines for more information.

For any questions you may have about contributing content, please use our contact form.

How do I cite your content in my research or term paper?

For an essay, personal reflection or book/journal article review, the Citation Information box on the first page of content shows how the content could be cited using a standard convention. The method of citation used on Rational Realm follows the below convention:

AuthorLastName, AuthorFirstName YearOfPublication. EssayTitle, URL = <>.

For all other content, if the author name is neither displayed at the top nor at the base of the content, then cite the page as follows:

Rational Realm YearAccessed. PageTitle, URL = <> (Accessed: DateOfAccess).

For example:

Rational Realm 2015. Recent Developments in Quantum Field Theory, URL = <> (Accessed: 20 July, 2015).

Generally speaking, international copyright law allows researchers, journalists and commentators to quote a reasonable section of the published content for reasons of commentary, news reporting, library archiving or critical appraisal. If you wish to reproduce a more comprehensive excerpt, please contact the author for approval.

Is your content in the public domain?

No content of ours published on the Rational Realm web site and its newsletters is in the public domain. All of our content, without exception, is protected by international copyright law. No person or entity is allowed to copy any content on the Rational Realm web site and its newsletters without express permission from the author in writing. Content that is restricted includes, but is not limited to, text, images, video and audio content. As soon as the owner of Rational Realm or its authors detect a copyright infringement, the matter is referred to our legal adviser for immediate action. Possible actions against the offender include lodging a DMCA Infringement Violation Notice with the offender's web hosting service and the major search engines and proceeding to have the offending web site domain deregistered.

How do I reproduce your content on another web site or printed journal?

Use our contact form to contact the Rational Realm administrator to request permission to republish. In your request, specify as much information as possible, including:

  • your purpose in reproducing our content
  • your intended audience and geographical scope
  • the specific content you wish to reproduce, including the author's name and the URL of the web page
  • the media in which the content will be reproduced (e.g. web site, print journal)
  • the expected date of publication

You will receive a written response from the author granting permission or stating the author's reasons for denying permission.


Links and Advertising

Why do you have advertisements on your web site?

Our aim is to keep the content on Rational Realm free to access and to make it as widely available as possible. The cost of developing and maintaining Rational Realm, though, is substantial in both time and financial resources. These costs include web developer charges, domain name registration, web hosting and image licensing. The income from advertisements helps to defray these costs and keep Rational Realm free for all users.

How do I link to the Rational Realm web site?

The authors at Rational Realm appreciate links back to the Rational Realm web site. For instructions and HTML code for linking back to the Rational Realm web site, please refer to our linking instructions.

How do I advertise on Rational Realm?

In order to help keep access to content on the Rational Realm web site free, we welcome sponsors. There are a number of places on the web site and in the newsletter where sponsors can advertise their products or services. All advertisements are placed at our discretion and are subject to our editorial guidelines. Please use our contact form to submit your request for consideration.

How do I suggest a link or request a link from your web site to mine?

We are pleased to feature links to other web sites that add value for Rational Realm web site visitors. Please read our linking instructions before you contact us with a suggestion.

What is your privacy policy?

We respect the privacy of Rational Realm web site visitors and newsletter subscribers. Our complete privacy policy is published online on our Privacy Policy web page.


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