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Rational: from Latin ratio "reckoning, calculation, reason" and rationalis "of or belonging to reason"

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Thank you for visiting our new web site. We are currently uploading essays, reflections and reviews, so please check back often. The latest essays uploaded are:

Can We Be Free-Willing Robots? – Atheist Society Public Lecture
Leslie Allan addresses the Atheist Society on the question of whether advances in physics and neuroscience dispel the notion that human beings possess free will.

Can Morality Be Objective without God? – Discussing Religion Respectfully Address
In this philosophical address, Leslie Allan challenges attendees to consider how objective moral valuations reflect impartial judgment and not divine commands.

What's Wrong with Democracy?
The rise of Donald Trump and the outcome of the Brexit vote indicate that our democratic systems of government are under stress.

Descartes's Method of Doubt
Leslie Allan examines whether Descartes's program of skeptical enquiry was successful in laying a firm foundation for our manifold beliefs.

Henrietta Dugdale – Freethinker and Suffragist
The story of Henrietta Dugdale, a leading light of the women's liberation movement in pre-Federation Australia.

Book Review: Religion Is for Fools by Bill Medley
One by one, Robert Bender critically examines Bill Medley's defences against the compelling critiques of belief in his Christian God.

Is Morality a Matter of Taste? – HSV Public Lecture
In his address to the Humanist Society of Victoria, Leslie Allan invites participants to consider what objectivity in ethics means and its significance for moral discourse.

Plantinga's Ontological Argument
A critical examination of Alvin Plantinga's modal version of the ontological argument for the existence of God.

The Mind/Brain Identity Theory: A Critical Appraisal
An investigation of the merits of the materialist mind/brain identity theory seen as the core of a scientific research programme.

Psychological Research on Free Will Intuitions: A Critical Review
Leslie Allan surveys key studies in experimental philosophy trying to find out how ordinary folk think about free will and determinism.

Vashti McCollum's Fight for Church–State Separation in Schools
Vashti McCollum was the leading humanist at the forefront of legal battles protecting the separation of church and state in US public schools.

Book Review: The Nun (La Religieuse) by Denis Diderot
Diderot's The Nun is a compelling story highlighting the abuse and persecution of unwanted daughters surrendered to Catholic convents in eighteenth century France.

Also, check out the latest additions to our philosophy glossary and science glossary.

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