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Book Review: The Life You Can Save by Peter Singer
In this review, Leslie Allan explores Peter Singer's challenging case for giving up our luxuries to help impoverished people in faraway countries.

Latest Reflections

Doing Good without God
Read one atheist's story about how she practices effective altruism through Kiva microfinance.

Working Towards Alleviating Extreme Poverty
Heather McLaughlin shares four straightforward and effective strategies for doing good better.

What Is Cosmology?
Is cosmology a true scientific discipline based on experimental data or just philosophical speculation?

Latest Essays


Cognitive Science and the Philosophy of Mind
Recent advances in cognitive science are shedding new light on the nature of free will and human reasoning.

The Problem of Evil
Does the extent of evil, pain and suffering in our world count against the reasonableness of belief in an all-powerful, all-knowing and morally perfect deity?

The Soul-Making Theodicy: A Response to Dore
The author argues that theist philosopher, Clement Dore, has failed to rebut the criticisms against his view that God permits suffering in order to develop moral characters.

Animal Rights and the Wrongness of Killing
This essay explores the ethical principles and moral reasoning underpinning traditional views on killing and offers a new utilitarian approach.


Evolutionary Psychology: A Review
An overview of Evolutionary Psychology; its key theoretical underpinnings, research methods, experimental successes and major challenges.

Cosmological Theories in History
A summary of the major theories and critical turning points in the history of cosmology, from Copernicus to Einstein to Linde.

The Anthropic Principle and Cosmic Inflation
Leslie Allan applies the Anthropic Principle, inflation theory and the idea of the multiverse to the teleological argument that our universe is fine tuned for life.

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